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dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004

Baja Beachclub


Last sunday i went out in the baja Beachclub. O my god!! It was the first time that i thought that i was in Holland. In the beginning it was just a clug, but later on the DJ started to speak in duch. I looked around me and i saw that there where a lot of Dutch people. Time to go.
Fot one time it was quite funny, Men who lokked like Tarzan where flying arouns on ropes, they where playbacking stupid songs and they dit ordenary sketches.
The cocktais are for free for girl, but only on sundays before 2 o clock. So girls go there, drink as much you can and after 2 find another place with Catalan people becouse you can write something interesting on the Blogger what Graham like ha ha.



Blogger Graham said...

Hi Merel1

I see you're going to all the best places in town - lots of locals as well :)

No, really, it doesn't surprise me - it's a place that is designed for the tourists more than anyone else I think. I've never been, but I think you can tell just by looking in there.

7:28 p. m.  

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