Catalan Culture

This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2004

Before and after...

Hey everybody!

I´m quite late with publishing my first post, I´m sorry!
I wasn´t really paying to much attention when Graham explained how it worked, so now I have to bother Carlijn to explain it! Que mala soy!
Enough chit-chat!

Before..with other words, what did I expected? Well, my father lives in Sitges so I have been to Barcelona many times before. But now it is so different for me! I used to go to Barcelona to shop till I drop.. but now, I haven´t even been shopping once! Not because I don´t want to, but there are like so much things to do, instead of shopping! And off course the moneyproblem!
I didn´t expect that I would like it that much just by walking around the city. Like Inger said, ond every corner there is something exciting, beautiful or nice to see. My favorite city was Paris, but now I´m not sure anymore...

When I was before in Sitges, I allready knew the catalan people weren´t really open. Especially to foreigners, now I am staying here for 3 months, I experienced it even more. In Holland it is really normal to invite people to your house, here it really is not. I sort of expected that would be different when you know the people better.

Another expectation... I didn´t expect everything was that much cheaper than in Holland! I knew the clothes were cheaper, but now I experienced everything is cheaper here! (one thing isn´t= hotels!)

When I used to come here, we never ate catalan food. But it is actually quite good. Now I´m here I really feel that I have to live like spanish people do, so I´ll eat the food!

Well this were my expectations and experiences for now!
C ya all in class!
Kiss Anne Fleur