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dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2004

Expectations & experiences

Hola chicos y chicas!
Like most of you have already done I´m about to write down my expectations and my experiences of Barcelona so far.
First of all: I LIKE IT A LOT!!!
I´ve been to Barcelona one time when I was on a holiday with my parents. Just for one day and of course only visiting the most famous sites like Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou.
The idea of me going to Barcelona primerily came from Anne Fleur. She told me that she was going to do an exchange to Barcelona the first semester of our third year. And, of course, after hearing her story I gathered some information and also applyed for the exchange.
This seems easy, but that wasn´t true. There have been some difficulties in arranging everything in our school and I kind of was tired of the whole exchange before actually coming here. But the first day of my stay here I already was so happy! Great wheater, beautiful country, nice people (most) everything!
What did I realy expect? It´s hard to say. I think I expected good wheater, to meet a lot of new people, to learn a lot, to see a lot and get everything possible out of this opportunity. But the thruth already exceeded my expectations in the first week.
I have been here for over a month now, so I had the possibility to see and to do a lot before the school started. I keeps amazing me to see all this beautiful places and then see an even more beautiful one. There are beautiful places everywhere. I love just walking around in the streets and every time taking another sidestreet and just see what you will find. I think it´s too bad though that you probably won´t find a lot of the special places without knowing where they are. I certainly hope I will find a lot more (so if you have any suggestions....)
Then there are the people. Very nice people trying to reach out for you as much as they can. But it amazes me that so little people speak english. What also amazes me about the people here in Barcelona is the fact that they are so keen on been Catalan. Some of the people are really offended when you call them Spanish. Then there are all the people in the streets begging for money. I really feel bad for the persons living in the streets with the little children. You see people begging in Holland to, but not nearly as many and you won´t find children on the streets. In Holland everybody can have a place to stay and the necessary food.

More to come......


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Mieke!

I'm glad youre having such a good time here in Barcelona. It's a shame that you had so many problems arranging the exchange, but at least it seems it has been worthwhile.

I agree with you that just walking around the city has its charm. I was recently walking around the Barrio Gotico and discovered some places that have changed since I was last there. Have you seen the remains of the Roman Aqueduct? If you turn left off the top of the Ramblas, onto Calle Canuda and walk further along past the square, you can see them - it was built into the structure of a medieval house and was only recently revealed when the adjacent house was knocked down.

Well, the strong Catalan feeling can only be understood by looking at the history. It's such a strong feeling for many because you are talking about a people who were only (relatively) recently stopped from celebrating their identity and freely speaking their language.

Well, I hope you continue exploring and learning about the place. See you soon


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