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dimarts, d’octubre 05, 2004

Is Graham there somewhere?

I was just wondering did I understad correctly.....

I`ve published everyhting in my personal blog and now (of course) other students cannot read it. So, shoul I publish everything again in "catalan culture" blog, or what?

Otherwise everything is going nice and warm. hehe.

Yeah, if anyone has got a good idea how to get to Torremolinos very very cheap, please let me know..

: ) Eeva


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Eeva!

You did fine! You did what I asked of you, to post to your individual weblogs. Quite a few of the others posted to the class weblog, but I thought that might happen. It doesn't really matter, only that it makes keeping track of who says what more difficult for me.

I'll probably move or copy their entries to their personal weblogs. Remember, you can read what other people have written in their personal weblogs by clicking on the link next to their photos. You can also write comments (like I'm doing) by clicking just below someone's post (try it!)

My idea is to spend this evening catching up on what everyone's written and to respond to them - I haven't had time so far. I also want to make sure that everyone's started writing.

I have a question for you - Why do you want to go to Torremolinos?

10:42 p. m.  
Blogger Graham said...

You did fine Eeva!

You are right - I asked people to publish their ideas in their personal weblog. It makes it easier for me to see who's writing what, so I'll probably move or copy the posts from this weblog to the individual weblogs.

Remember, you can read what other people are writing by clicking on the links next to the phootos. And then you can write comments about the posts by clicking on the comments link below. Try it! If it works, they should get an email telling them that someone has written a comment. If it works, you'll get this in an email!

I have been too busy to have a good look at the weblogs, but my idea is to finish sorting out the titles and settings of everyone's weblogs tonight, and to take a look at what people have done and respond.

I have a question for you - why do you want to go to Torremolinos?

10:50 p. m.  

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