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divendres, d’octubre 01, 2004

My first blog story

Almost 4 weeks ago I arrived in Barcelona. 2 Years ago I have been here for 1 month (I had spanish lessons at Don Quijote), so I did know what to expect of this fantastic city. The reason why I chose Barcelona for the exchange program is because I get to know Barcelona 2 years ago and I loved it, so I wanted to return (even though I didn´t drink water of the fountain at the beginning of the Las Ramblas). I like the architecture, especially the way that many architectures were expired by nature, all the buildings look so beautifull and totally different than in Holland or most other countries. I think that when you are walking at the street, you shouldn´t only look in front of you where you are going, but also above you, to the top of all the buildings. Even in the streets which look awfull, dirty and poor, you have to look up, because everything seems different, very beautifull, colourfull and Spanish (Catalan?) there.
I also like the people here, most of the time they are very nice, especially when I try to speak spanish to them, what I am always doing. I love the way they speak spanish, the sound of it, so I can´t wait till I can speak spanish fluently ( I am starting a course next monday at the international house). One thing I don´t like of the people or the culture of spain is that everything is to be done ´tranquilo´! So Carlijns and my motto here is: tranquilo, mañana,mañana! But I hope I get used to it, because I am like the opposite of this motto.
An other thing I wanted to come back for is off course the of my biggest hobby´s is to eat. I want to try everything, the really traditional things. The thing I like most is Gambas de ajillo...mmm. They are really good and not too expensive at Luz de Gas. That is a boat in the harbour of Barceloneta were you can eat tapas and drink very nice wine. The atmosphere is perfect, the music, the funny waiters, the vieuw of the harbour, so it is nice to sit there all afternoon and enjoy the sun, the food, the wine and the surroundings.
Well there are off course a lot of things I have seen and done and I am living in a great house with a lot of nice people, but that is for next time.
Hasta pronto


Blogger khangangster said...

hi everyone. barca is great, so far i have experienced something different everyday. the girls here are great they are slim,sexy, trim tanned and stunning-wot more could a guy ask4?

so far my particularly favourite experiences include the all nite disco-techs and general but stunning scenary that i have stumbeled upon during my time here so far.

i think that our class as a whole needs to share their experiences and feelings.therefore i would like to state that the class as a whole in my opinion needs to interact more, thus making it a better atmosphere within the class room as an enviroment and as a experience as a whole.

dont be shy talk to me-i dont bye, well only if u want me too, ha ha ha.

8:10 p. m.  

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