Catalan Culture

This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004

Until now

Hola guys! I just felt like writing today to share the things I've experienced in last few weeks. Few weeks ago we were in a internet cafe in la Rambla. There we're a football ticket office and an announcement that the next game would be on Wednesday between Barca and a team from Ukraine. So we together with Sanna decided to buy the tickets. I wanted to see a Barca's game in Camp Nou at least one time. And I probably do it also just one time cause the tickets we're so expensive. We bought the cheapest tickets, which we're 44 euros. The best ones would have been like 99 euros! That's just ..incredible to me. To pay such a amount to watch men kicking the ball. And I know that they really earn a lot just by doing that. I liked the game and also the view. You saw the whole stadium very well up there. And for me, as a not so big footballfan, it was good enough. Most of the time I was just sitting still, cause didn't really felt like screaming or jumping. I was surprised that the other people we're also quite still. I thought they would have acted more wildly. Anyway, it was quite a feeling to watch such a lot of people just hurraying to the teams,well mostly to Barca. And Barca actually won 3-0, good for them, I was also happy.