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dimarts, de novembre 02, 2004

catalan people are nice!

For the first time since i am here, i met some nice and friendly catalan people. Last friday we had to do an assignment for Team Development. We went in groups walking in the neighbourhood nearby school. We needed to ask some people in the neighbourhood some questions and than we needed to see how they responded and helped us. And in all the 3 shops the people were very friendly and helpfull. THey were open for questions and gave us even more information than we needed.
I am glad that i have met some nice catalan people before i go home in 2,5 weeks!! Ik hope to meet more nice people in these weeks!!


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Carlijn

I'm only sorry you didn't meet nice and friendly Catlans earlier. Ah well, at least you've started to meet them now!

7:26 p. m.  

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