Catalan Culture

This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dimarts, de desembre 21, 2004

Final assignments

Hi Everybody and especially Graham,

I'm sorry that I failed to do the assignments till now!!
I talked to the lady in my house. She is originally from Peru, but llives almost her whole live in Barcelona. Se doesn't speak Catalan, only spanish. She already lived here during the time that Franco was a dictator. She doesn't want to say his name, she is afraid that somebody will use it against her. She wants that Cataluñya will be seperated from Spain.
This is all she told me. I also tried to contact her son,but he didn't respond to any of my requests to answer my questions about this subject.

The other assignment:
When I came back to the Netherlands I discovered the live is totally different from Barcelona. I learned to enjoy the life I live, I learned to speak better Spanish, I learned to live,study and work with international students. Totally I can say that I changed since I have been in Barcelona. Now I can be on my own much better than before, I can arrange things on wy own now. I have learned so much about myself, my family and friends.
I cannot explain what I learned in Barcelona because there are no words that can tell and explain how much I learned.
Thank you all for learning these things above, because you all helped my with these things. Graham thank you for teaching me so much about the Catalan Culture. Thanks to you I now have a better view about the Catalan Culture!!!!
I will check the blogger next weeks because I hope more people will putt things on the blogger after they got home!!
Greetings and Merry Christmas!!!