Catalan Culture

This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dimecres, de setembre 29, 2004

Les Corts Festa Major

Hi everyone!
As I said in class, there's another festival starting this weekend. You need to make your way down to the Plaça Concòrdia, Les Corts (Les Corts metro), which is the centre of most of the activities.

It kicks off on Saturday 2nd October at 17.00 with a Trobada de Gegants i Bestiari. That's the big heads, giants and beasts I told you about. A very colourful procession.

At 20.15 on Saturday, there's a cake tasting in the cultural Centre, Can Deu (in the Plaça Concòrdia), and then the Correfoc (literally running fire) - if you want to take part, and dance with the devils, be sure to wear something on your head so your hair doesn't catch fire! Have fun and maybe see you there!