Catalan Culture

This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dijous, de gener 20, 2005


This was the blog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) that was used for my course in Catalan Culture, September-December 2004.

The class weblog is connected to individual learner weblogs, accessible through the links next to the photos of the students on the left.

The year before, I ran a class weblog only :

Although successful, I found it difficult to manage the assignment part - assigning each student with an individual weblog made this much easier to assess.

This year (2005), I plan to use Elgg, which not only offers a blogging space for each student, but also features such as file storage. Setting up a group has also given us a wiki.

dimecres, de gener 12, 2005

End of course

Hi everyone! The course in Catalan Culture has now ended, but remember you can still keep in touch via email or using this blog.

We will be using what you have written during the next course with Erasmus students, in September 2005, and your weblogs will remain active here as a record of the work you have done and the good time you spent in Barcelona.

Here's wishing you all the best for the future, and remember to come and see us again when you're next in Barcelona!

dimarts, de desembre 21, 2004

Final assignments

Hi Everybody and especially Graham,

I'm sorry that I failed to do the assignments till now!!
I talked to the lady in my house. She is originally from Peru, but llives almost her whole live in Barcelona. Se doesn't speak Catalan, only spanish. She already lived here during the time that Franco was a dictator. She doesn't want to say his name, she is afraid that somebody will use it against her. She wants that Cataluñya will be seperated from Spain.
This is all she told me. I also tried to contact her son,but he didn't respond to any of my requests to answer my questions about this subject.

The other assignment:
When I came back to the Netherlands I discovered the live is totally different from Barcelona. I learned to enjoy the life I live, I learned to speak better Spanish, I learned to live,study and work with international students. Totally I can say that I changed since I have been in Barcelona. Now I can be on my own much better than before, I can arrange things on wy own now. I have learned so much about myself, my family and friends.
I cannot explain what I learned in Barcelona because there are no words that can tell and explain how much I learned.
Thank you all for learning these things above, because you all helped my with these things. Graham thank you for teaching me so much about the Catalan Culture. Thanks to you I now have a better view about the Catalan Culture!!!!
I will check the blogger next weeks because I hope more people will putt things on the blogger after they got home!!
Greetings and Merry Christmas!!!


dimecres, de novembre 17, 2004

Mieke's photos

Take a look at Mieke's photos!

There are some nice visual memories on her weblog now. Don't you just wish you could stay here a few moths more? Well, you can always come back soon...

dilluns, de novembre 08, 2004

Nearing the End - Presentations

On Wednesday, (9.00-10.30) we have our last session. I have put a time schedule up on the noticeboard for you to sign up for a presentation slot and to indicate what equipment you need (PC, projector, video, cassette, CD, etc)

I have also to ask you to complete the last assignment in the weblog, although you are welcome to continue writing here for as long as you like (some of last year's students continued writing in the weblog until March the year after - they used it as a way of keeping in touch.)

The last assignment is:

Now that you are nearing the end of your stay, I'd like you to write a short summary of the things you have done and seen that have most impressed you, and imagine you are writing to one of next year's students. What would you suggest they do / not do?

That's it. See you on Thursday

dimarts, de novembre 02, 2004

catalan people are nice!

For the first time since i am here, i met some nice and friendly catalan people. Last friday we had to do an assignment for Team Development. We went in groups walking in the neighbourhood nearby school. We needed to ask some people in the neighbourhood some questions and than we needed to see how they responded and helped us. And in all the 3 shops the people were very friendly and helpfull. THey were open for questions and gave us even more information than we needed.
I am glad that i have met some nice catalan people before i go home in 2,5 weeks!! Ik hope to meet more nice people in these weeks!!

dijous, d’octubre 14, 2004

Baja Beachclub


Last sunday i went out in the baja Beachclub. O my god!! It was the first time that i thought that i was in Holland. In the beginning it was just a clug, but later on the DJ started to speak in duch. I looked around me and i saw that there where a lot of Dutch people. Time to go.
Fot one time it was quite funny, Men who lokked like Tarzan where flying arouns on ropes, they where playbacking stupid songs and they dit ordenary sketches.
The cocktais are for free for girl, but only on sundays before 2 o clock. So girls go there, drink as much you can and after 2 find another place with Catalan people becouse you can write something interesting on the Blogger what Graham like ha ha.


Erasmus party

Hola everybody,

Mabey some of you know it already, but this Thursday there is only a small Erasmus party. Its just in the Pumuki bar, the one where we get the tickets last week. Its an Italien party with Italien music and i think a lot of Italien people.
Mabey its an idee for you, have fub when you go,


Until now

Hola guys! I just felt like writing today to share the things I've experienced in last few weeks. Few weeks ago we were in a internet cafe in la Rambla. There we're a football ticket office and an announcement that the next game would be on Wednesday between Barca and a team from Ukraine. So we together with Sanna decided to buy the tickets. I wanted to see a Barca's game in Camp Nou at least one time. And I probably do it also just one time cause the tickets we're so expensive. We bought the cheapest tickets, which we're 44 euros. The best ones would have been like 99 euros! That's just ..incredible to me. To pay such a amount to watch men kicking the ball. And I know that they really earn a lot just by doing that. I liked the game and also the view. You saw the whole stadium very well up there. And for me, as a not so big footballfan, it was good enough. Most of the time I was just sitting still, cause didn't really felt like screaming or jumping. I was surprised that the other people we're also quite still. I thought they would have acted more wildly. Anyway, it was quite a feeling to watch such a lot of people just hurraying to the teams,well mostly to Barca. And Barca actually won 3-0, good for them, I was also happy.

divendres, d’octubre 08, 2004

Publishing pictures

Hi Mieke and everyone who wants to publish pictures here and in their own blog.

It's very simple, but you have to do the following things:

Follow these instructions from Blogger

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1) Sign up for an online photo album at flckr or another site. (it's free and it only takes a minute!)

2)Upload the photos you want

3)Go to the photos page and with your mouse over the photo, right-click and select properties

4) copy the complete URL(web address)of the photo. It should look like this:

5) paste this address into your Blogger post using the following code(obviously change it so it shows your photo code):

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If you have any more questions, then ask me

Give it a go


dijous, d’octubre 07, 2004

Publishing pictures

Helo everybody!
I would like to know how I can publish pictures from my digital camera onto the weblog. Can anybody please tell me how to do this?
Thanx! Greetz Mieke

Hola, I´m back to finsih my story. I´ll keep it short.
What next...? The school. My first impression of the school was ....................................................WOW! Which I´m sure everybody thought when they first saw the school. I think it´s special that here at Sant Ignasi all kind of education are given to all kinds of ages. The school is great, everybody is so helpfull and kind. I feel that most things are arranged here very good unlike most schools in Holland.
Then there is the food aspect. I love the food here. Most of it is so totally different then the food I´m used to at home. And when you go doing your groceries everything is so much cheaper here. Going out for diner is also really cheap. I can recommend Quince Nits to everybody. It´s good food for little money. Then the tapas. It´s too bad I don´t like fish but the other tapas are gooooood!
And off course the nightlive. I love the chupiterias which you can find everywhere. All the bars and clubs I´ve been so far are really cool. So I think I can manage here for a couple of months.
This was kind of my story. I looking forward to read all of your stories (which I haven´t read yet) too. And of course... any suggestions are welcome!
See you all in class.
Greetz Mieke

nice idea!

hola chicos!!

Yesterday we wanted to try the ´patatas bravas´ from Graham, in the ´Thomas bar´!
It was closed, but we found out that the Sarria area is really nice, small streets, little shops and bars. We went into a very small and cute bar, at the beginning of the street, I forgot the name.
But it was a really good place to eat a ´boccadillia´ and ´tortillia´for not so much money.
So perhaps an idea for somebody else!

dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2004

Before and after...

Hey everybody!

I´m quite late with publishing my first post, I´m sorry!
I wasn´t really paying to much attention when Graham explained how it worked, so now I have to bother Carlijn to explain it! Que mala soy!
Enough chit-chat!

Before..with other words, what did I expected? Well, my father lives in Sitges so I have been to Barcelona many times before. But now it is so different for me! I used to go to Barcelona to shop till I drop.. but now, I haven´t even been shopping once! Not because I don´t want to, but there are like so much things to do, instead of shopping! And off course the moneyproblem!
I didn´t expect that I would like it that much just by walking around the city. Like Inger said, ond every corner there is something exciting, beautiful or nice to see. My favorite city was Paris, but now I´m not sure anymore...

When I was before in Sitges, I allready knew the catalan people weren´t really open. Especially to foreigners, now I am staying here for 3 months, I experienced it even more. In Holland it is really normal to invite people to your house, here it really is not. I sort of expected that would be different when you know the people better.

Another expectation... I didn´t expect everything was that much cheaper than in Holland! I knew the clothes were cheaper, but now I experienced everything is cheaper here! (one thing isn´t= hotels!)

When I used to come here, we never ate catalan food. But it is actually quite good. Now I´m here I really feel that I have to live like spanish people do, so I´ll eat the food!

Well this were my expectations and experiences for now!
C ya all in class!
Kiss Anne Fleur

Expectations & experiences

Hola chicos y chicas!
Like most of you have already done I´m about to write down my expectations and my experiences of Barcelona so far.
First of all: I LIKE IT A LOT!!!
I´ve been to Barcelona one time when I was on a holiday with my parents. Just for one day and of course only visiting the most famous sites like Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou.
The idea of me going to Barcelona primerily came from Anne Fleur. She told me that she was going to do an exchange to Barcelona the first semester of our third year. And, of course, after hearing her story I gathered some information and also applyed for the exchange.
This seems easy, but that wasn´t true. There have been some difficulties in arranging everything in our school and I kind of was tired of the whole exchange before actually coming here. But the first day of my stay here I already was so happy! Great wheater, beautiful country, nice people (most) everything!
What did I realy expect? It´s hard to say. I think I expected good wheater, to meet a lot of new people, to learn a lot, to see a lot and get everything possible out of this opportunity. But the thruth already exceeded my expectations in the first week.
I have been here for over a month now, so I had the possibility to see and to do a lot before the school started. I keeps amazing me to see all this beautiful places and then see an even more beautiful one. There are beautiful places everywhere. I love just walking around in the streets and every time taking another sidestreet and just see what you will find. I think it´s too bad though that you probably won´t find a lot of the special places without knowing where they are. I certainly hope I will find a lot more (so if you have any suggestions....)
Then there are the people. Very nice people trying to reach out for you as much as they can. But it amazes me that so little people speak english. What also amazes me about the people here in Barcelona is the fact that they are so keen on been Catalan. Some of the people are really offended when you call them Spanish. Then there are all the people in the streets begging for money. I really feel bad for the persons living in the streets with the little children. You see people begging in Holland to, but not nearly as many and you won´t find children on the streets. In Holland everybody can have a place to stay and the necessary food.

More to come......

dimarts, d’octubre 05, 2004

I'm here!

Hello Eeva, and everyone!

I'm back! I've been too busy these last few days to respond here, especially as the Tourism classes have just started up, but I'm planning on taking some time tonight to look at what everyone's written and to respond, as well as cleaning up some of the settings on the weblog and changing numbers to names.

Take a look at your post - I've written a comment below it. Click on it to read. Remember, you can also write comments below people's posts.

Basically, you did well - I wanted people to write their impressions on their own, personal portfolio weblogs. That way it makes it easier for me to see who's writing what, and to keep some kind of order and sense to the class weblog (this was a problem last year).

So, could people write their impressions on their personal weblog portfolio? I'll probably copy or move those that have been posted here. The other think people should do is to check that they have used 'publish' and not saved as a 'draft' - if you only save as a draft, nobody will see what you have written!

You can use this weblog to tell people something that's going on, or to write to everyone about something. a question, announcement, etc. Keep reflections for your personal weblog. Remember, you can read what the others have written by clicking on their weblogs (the link next to the picture) - try it! And why not leave a few comments too?

See you in class tomorrow (I hope!)


Is Graham there somewhere?

I was just wondering did I understad correctly.....

I`ve published everyhting in my personal blog and now (of course) other students cannot read it. So, shoul I publish everything again in "catalan culture" blog, or what?

Otherwise everything is going nice and warm. hehe.

Yeah, if anyone has got a good idea how to get to Torremolinos very very cheap, please let me know..

: ) Eeva

diumenge, d’octubre 03, 2004

Hola chicos!

First of all I want to say that this weblogg is a great opportunity for us students to express ourself, and tell about our experiences in Barcelona. It is also a perfect way for you as a teacher to inform us about the course and happenings in Barcelona.

What kind of expentation did I have??
At our hotel management school in Stavanger, erasmus-exchanges to Barcelona started last year. Therefor we had lots of preperations before leaving to the catalan capital. Because this is my first time, the biggest expentations came from students who were here last year, from internet, brochures given about barcelona and the school at Sant. Ignasi. From last years students, I got a little guide living in barcelona. Theyre experiences from Barca were only positive and the most negative thing was the return back to cold Norway in December.
They told me about the city, the spanish livingstyle, food, the catalan culture, and things we had to discover. I am not sure what my biggest expentation was when I landed at the airport in Barcelona 1.august, but I´ll guess the nice weather, style of living and to live in a big growing city in Europe was one of them...

Now, 2 months later, I´ve got different experiences about Barcelona. I´ll guess my first week was little frustrated. No one was speaking english, I was always taking the wrong metro, and there was hundreds of things to fix with the apartment ( contract etc). After a couple of days the metro became easier, the apartment was fixed and it was time to explore the city - I became "the tourist". With my map on the left hand and the camera on the other, I at least found the beach and a couple of bars... Of course, I have also discovered the most common sights of the town like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Tibidabo, Montjuic, and a couple of museums.. What was Gaudi thinking when he came up with the idea building Sagrada Familia?? It´s the most fabulous construction I´ll ever seen. With all the sculptures, themes and paintings it´s just amazing. After the visit he became my biggest idol! It´s not only Gaudis archetecturs who are great. The whole city are full of old buildings, sculptures, and plazes. There is always something happening, and every week are fulled with festivals, conserts and other happenings. It´s a huge different from Norway... In Barcelona tourists are coming to see all those architecturs and Barcelona as a metropolitan city. In Norway they are coming for fjords, mountains, glaciers and the landscape. It´s wreally to unlikely attractions. One made by the nature, and one made by people...

I have just explored a little bit of this beautiful city yet, and I´m afraid that 5 months are to little. But I´m looking forward for the next 2-3 months, to explore and see new things in the city and to learn about it in the school. I´m also looking forward to know the people in the class better, and to share our experiences from Barcelona.

Hasta luego!!

divendres, d’octubre 01, 2004

Expectations & Experiences

I had really a lot of expectations before my stay here stay in Barcelona! I have been here ones before, five years ago. I was then i apperentic to become a cheef/cook,so me and four others stayed here for ten days-that was great!! We eat at a lot of nice restaruants,wissited many of the turist sights,but also wine yards and villages utside of Barcelona. I wanted to come back!!

Spain and Barcelona is not really know (in Norway anyway) for having the best hotel and tourisme schools, so it wasnt that who tempted me about taking one semester here.
I guess it was my last stay here, and also that the studens who were here last year said that it was great!
I really wanted to learn spanish, so that was my biggest expectation, I also wanted to meet a lot of great people. From Spain but also from the other Erasmus countries- I was excited to hear how the hotel schools are in their countries.

I expected the city to be huge, and that it would be a bit scary to walk alone, and i also expected to be robbed(!) I expected to become really brown..after living in a country with such nice weather. I had also heard that the spanish people were really "mañana-mañana",so I expected that i would get really tired of that,of the waiting.

From the school I expected to learn a lot, I didnt really know much about the subjects before I came down here. I knew the Erasmus course here were not so much fucused on hotel (which i´m studing back home) but more on tourism. I expect to have a great time in Barcelona!

I have now been in Bac.for almoust two months- and I really like it!! A lot! The first five weeks we went to a spanish cours at "Enforex". It was good, but a guess I had hoped to learn even more.. I still have three months to practice..;) But "la gente" in Catalona is very helpful if you try to speek a littel spanish, and I dont think they are as mañana as I though they would be, I actually like that they are not running around like people do in Norway- always in a hurry to get some were. I especially like the "siesta"..

The city is easy to get to know-and its not sceary at all- I havent been robbed so far! And its so beautiful!! Except from de Gaudis,the Cathedral and all the other famous sights, there is so much more! Every time we walk in the city we find a new littel street we havent been in before, with small cafees, shops and nice arcitecture. We havent really been to so many of the famous "tourist sighs" yet, because I knew we were going to se some of them with scool, but I have met a lot of nice people, from Catalona, but also from all ower. I have found out that Barcelona is a very internasional city, even now when the main tourist season is ower.

About school its still a bit early to say, but it seems nice so far. The class seems really nice, and I´m looking forward to get to know everybody better. Which I´m sure we will at school, at parties and at all the festivals going on in Bac.

And I like the weather! Its so nice to just walk around in shorts and t-shirt all day, and also when we are going out at night. An the night life is great- ist so different from Norway! Back home the nighclubs closes at 2.30 but here you can stay out all night if you like.
But one ting I cant get use to is the pee smell everywere in the small streets in the city! Back home you get a fine if you pee in the streets-i dont think they do in spain..

There are still so much more I have to excpirience here in Barcelona, that I think this three months will go realy fast! Today my mother and father is coming to wissit- and I look forward to show them the city that I like so much!!

My expectations


Graham asked us to write something about the expectations we had before we came to BCN. About, the culture, the school, the city etc.
I don´t know if i´m doing this right (via, catalan culture, create a post..) but I´ll hear when it´s not.
I´ve been to Bcn one time before in january 2003. During that week I really fell in love with the city. It was beautifull weather (about 18 degrees and everyday sun) and I really loved how the city looked like (with all the old buildings for example from Gaudi, Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, lots of nice shops, and much more) I was only here for a week so I didn´t really had much contact with the catalan people.
I expected that I would get lots of energy from living in such a nice area for 3 months. The people from our school who went to Barcelona last year told us, that it was a wonderfull experience, that they had a real good time here and they were very sad when they had to go back to Holland. When I spoke with some of them they didn´t quit talking about how nice it was. So my expectations are quite high. But not only because the other people liked it here so very much. Also because I love the spanish culture in general, because the people are very dynamic, expressive (the speak with their whole body), and laid back (that the people lot´s of times are late on appointments). I also like the lenguage a lot and I expected to learn it during my time in Barcelona. And when the sun is shining or when there´s a beach I can go to, I get more energy and it feals like I can handle a lot more than when it´s raining and the beach is like 3 hours driving away. So also because the things I just mentioned my expections where really high. I felt like those 3 months were going to be a hugh vacation with a little bit of studieing.
Before I came here I learned only a little bit about the catalan culture. During my vacation in Spain this summer, I discoverd that Catalan people are very proud to be Catalan and that they speak Catalan instead of Castellano. So I expected that the people might be a little bit arrogant and hard to reach. But now I know that they´re not like that when you respect them and try to speak Catalan a little.
I really had a lot of expectations, that there would be lot´s of festivals and cultural things going on in the city, and that it would be very easy to meet other new people.
And I think, untill now, I discoverd that some expections were right, some not, and some I still have to find out.


ps. Writing in English is sometimes a little difficult, so, sorry if you don´t understand what i´m writing.