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divendres, d’octubre 08, 2004

Publishing pictures

Hi Mieke and everyone who wants to publish pictures here and in their own blog.

It's very simple, but you have to do the following things:

Follow these instructions from Blogger

or...(a less complicated summary)

1) Sign up for an online photo album at flckr or another site. (it's free and it only takes a minute!)

2)Upload the photos you want

3)Go to the photos page and with your mouse over the photo, right-click and select properties

4) copy the complete URL(web address)of the photo. It should look like this:

5) paste this address into your Blogger post using the following code(obviously change it so it shows your photo code):

<img src="" alt="Example" />img src=""

You should see the picture, like this:

If it's too big you should add the following code height="100" length="150" after the word img (modify the size depending on the shape of your photo)

If you have any more questions, then ask me

Give it a go



Blogger Mieke Van der Valk said...

Hola Graham,
Thank you for your explanation. I got to the point where I have to puiblish the pictures on my weblog. I copied all the URL´s to my own portfolio where I saved it as a draft. But I don´t understand the point where I have to copy these URL´s with the special code. Could you please look in my portfolio and see what I´ve done wrong.
Greetz Mieke

4:01 p. m.  

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