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dimarts, d’octubre 05, 2004

I'm here!

Hello Eeva, and everyone!

I'm back! I've been too busy these last few days to respond here, especially as the Tourism classes have just started up, but I'm planning on taking some time tonight to look at what everyone's written and to respond, as well as cleaning up some of the settings on the weblog and changing numbers to names.

Take a look at your post - I've written a comment below it. Click on it to read. Remember, you can also write comments below people's posts.

Basically, you did well - I wanted people to write their impressions on their own, personal portfolio weblogs. That way it makes it easier for me to see who's writing what, and to keep some kind of order and sense to the class weblog (this was a problem last year).

So, could people write their impressions on their personal weblog portfolio? I'll probably copy or move those that have been posted here. The other think people should do is to check that they have used 'publish' and not saved as a 'draft' - if you only save as a draft, nobody will see what you have written!

You can use this weblog to tell people something that's going on, or to write to everyone about something. a question, announcement, etc. Keep reflections for your personal weblog. Remember, you can read what the others have written by clicking on their weblogs (the link next to the picture) - try it! And why not leave a few comments too?

See you in class tomorrow (I hope!)



Blogger Baby_Dee said...

hey graham, i dont understan blog. i hate to sound dumb, but im trying but when i post something it goes somewhere else. i know it sounds foward and people who read this thinks im stupid but i dont know whats what when it comes to computers. im sorry

8:08 p. m.  

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