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This is the class weblog for students at Turismo Sant Ignasi taking the 'Approach to Catalan Culture' course in 2004

dilluns, de novembre 08, 2004

Nearing the End - Presentations

On Wednesday, (9.00-10.30) we have our last session. I have put a time schedule up on the noticeboard for you to sign up for a presentation slot and to indicate what equipment you need (PC, projector, video, cassette, CD, etc)

I have also to ask you to complete the last assignment in the weblog, although you are welcome to continue writing here for as long as you like (some of last year's students continued writing in the weblog until March the year after - they used it as a way of keeping in touch.)

The last assignment is:

Now that you are nearing the end of your stay, I'd like you to write a short summary of the things you have done and seen that have most impressed you, and imagine you are writing to one of next year's students. What would you suggest they do / not do?

That's it. See you on Thursday